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tv   New Day  CNN  March 5, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the defense has a strategy of its own. your "new day" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "new day." you see we have breaking news. it's wednesday, march 5th, 6:00 in the east. growing fears that russian president vladimir putin is plotting to escalate the crisis in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry set to meet in paris just hours from now. they are meeting there for talks to try to end the crisis. putin is talking of expanding his military operation in crimea. the russian president says there are no russian soldiers in ukraine. he insists they are just local
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self defense forces. >> russian forces have seized part of a ukrainian missle defense unit. they are trying to find a solution. we have reporters on the ground in ukraine, russia, and washington this morning covering all the angles. let's begin with cnn white house correspondent. what are you hearing from the white house this morning? >> reporter: nothing this early at this point. today john kerry is going to meet with his counter part, the russian foreign minister. leaders there are expressing concern at not seeing russia at this point at the table to talk about this situation. that talk between secretary kerry and the foreign minister, as far as we know at this point, is expected to go forward in a
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matter of hours. everyone is hoping that that does continue. but the views between the u.s. and russia have sharply die verged at this point over what has happened and continues to happen in ukraine. madeline albright called russia's view of this delusional. saying as you mentioned, those soldiers are not russian soldiers, even though in interviews we've seen reporters approach them saying, where are you from, and they responded russia. president obama spoke by phone to the german chancellor last night. as they discussed, it would include international monitors. merkel had saz previously in her conversations with putin, he seemed to be amenable to that.
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since then, russia has said they have their own people looking into that possibility. we know sanctions that the u.s. and its allies are preparing for that, but no movement on this point. more for you later. >> all right. thank you very much. we also have word on a twist on the issue of sanctions. we're hearing russian lawmakers just ordered up a new law that would allow them to confiscate the assets of u.s. and european companies if sanctions are put in place. >> it would allow them to confiscate assets, property, and accounts as well. it would be a big dramatic move. a lot of large american multi national companies have literally invested billions in russia over the last 22 years as
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it transitioned to a cap list economy. this is what russia refers to as a asymmetrical response, coming at the other side from a different angle. just over a year ago when they passed the act designed to punish human rights abuse in this country, the russians counteracted. a lot of families have began the process, met the children here in russia, and were not allowed to take them home. completely unrelated, but it made the point russia doesn't like it. gives a sense of what russia could be prepared to do if the u.s. and europe follow through with the threat of sanctions. >> another look how dominant putin is over that country. it appears pro russian forces
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are in control of the crimean peninsula. the question, how long will that standoff last. anna is live in that area. anna? >> reporter: well, chris, the tense standoff continues here in crimea. we're outside the government building which is the capitol of crimea. you can see behind me the russian flag flying next to the crimean flag. no ukrainian flag in sight. this city is very much pro-russian. most of the people russian speaking on the peninsula and they have strong ties to russia culturally. there's a strong feeling they don't want to have any part of europe, any ties to the west whatsoever. there are reports of some 16,000
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russian troops or pro-russian forces that have surrounded or at least occupied the military installations and bases on the crimean peninsula. there are also, obviously, the naval fleet, the black sea naval fleet showing their presence as well. there are many people who believe it's a foregoing conclusion that crimea has been lost to -- ukraine no longer has control of crimea. it will be up to the united states as to whether they are willing to accept that. >> thanks so much. let's talk more about this. let's get to gym sciutto in washington for more. i want to tick through as much as we can of what we're hearing from reporters on the ground. what's the expectation for today's meeting between john kerry and his russian counter part in paris? is there any real expectation
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that they could reach a solution, they could come to some agreement today? >> i think too early to say that. fact is, they're talking. that's a step forward, talking face to face. there are been times there that u.s. has reached out to russian officials and couldn't even get them on the phone. that's a positive to move towards a solution here. they have a good personal relationship. last fall, the two of them worked out the agreement in syria to remove its chemical weapons. they worked together on iran peace talks, that kind of thing. if you want two folks who know each other well between the u.s. and russia, it would be those two. often times when u.s. officials are talking to russian officials, they're talking right by each other. when president putin was speaking about this crisis, he's dealing with a different set of
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facts on the ground. >> you wonder how much progress they can make. what do you make then of what the eu is putting out now, the deadline for russia to de escalate or they're going to look at sanctions? is that being taken seriously? >> i think it is. that's why you have them looking to pass legislation to see how they would punish american companies, european companies. i also think that putin, russia, they don't like being pushed around. this talk of deadlines, we're going to make you pay, a lot of this use of force in crimea is an expression of russian power. they feel they've been pushed back too far. they're showing they're a force to be reckoned with. i wonder how well those public proclamations go down with russian leaders. >> the fact that the interested and important parties are talking is a good step. what do you think, is there any
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step towards this off ramp that we've heard so much about? >> lavrov, in addition to saying he didn't like cnn's coverage of the issue, he did mention this february 21st agreement. you may remember this. this is last month before the ukrainian president fled the country. they came to the agreement to end the protests in the square, which included things like early elections, a more inclusive government in kiev. and what lavrov said, he said we've been talking about this as the way forward for the last two weeks. the fact that he mentioned that, that could be part of an offramp. it requires concessions on both sides, including moving the russian troops back into their bases. that's something we haven't seen happen yet. >> then you have the challenge
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to parse if what they're saying in public is what they're saying in private. great to see you. thank you. stay with us for whatever happens in ukraine, but there's a lot of're news going on. >> president obama heading to the northeast today to push for his proposal for a minimum wage hike. he'll be joined by governors from four states. he wanted it raised to $10.10 an hour. this comes a day after the budget. texas state senator wendy davis becoming the first female nominee for governor in texas since ann richards. she'll now face texas attorney general greg abbott who won the republican nomination. also george p. bush taking the republican case for texas land commissioner and john cornyn turning back a tea party
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challenge. in hillary clinton decides to run in 2016, a new poll finds she may have support from a somewhat unlikely group, republicans. 8% of republicans said there is a good chance they would vote for her. 8%. 17% says there was some chance they would vote for her. 74% says, no chance at all. mrs. clinton will speak to cleej students at an event at ucla today. a woman was killed in a huge gas leak and explosion in new jersey. they were unable to identify the woman found near a car. seven other people were injured in the accident. dozens of homes were damaged. so an asteroid is on the way and it's going to pass closer to earth than the moon. it's going to happen today around 4:00 p.m. eastern. experts say it poses no threat.
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it will get no closer than some 200,000 miles away. you will not be able to see it probably because the asteroid would be too dark to view correctly. does it make a sound if you do not see it? >> is that the age-old -- >> something like that. i think it does make a sound. except the space thing with sandra bullock. >> i made that up. i made that up i said. >> at the very beginning of "gravity" it says no sound in space. >> no question left unanswered, specifically about the weather. it's cold. let's get to indra petersons with the latest there. what do we see? that graphic is not helpful. >> we were hoping temperatures were not going to be cold anymore, but yesterday morning, we set records that even go back to the 1800s.
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the coldest temperature they ever had was 5 degrees on that day. if you look out toward d.c., baltimo baltimore, maryland have already seen the lowest temperatures. they won the coldest winter. things are finally getting better. temperatures are warming up to not only normal, but above normal. temperatures going back to the 40s in the midwest. northeast, same thing, things are really improving here, especially as you go through saturdays. we could see some above-normal temperatures. there's still snow showers today from midwest, ohio valley to northeast. we are going to be watching this guy. this low could cruise up the coastline meaning snow showers potentially in the northeast by the weekend. who cares if it's warmer. >> i don't care as long as it's
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warmer. i don't care as long as it's warmer. >> are you clicking your heels three times? >> i don't care as long as it's warmer. let's take a break. coming up next on "new day," day three of testimony in the blade runner murder trial. oscar pistorius' neighbors recalling the blood curdling screams they heard moments before his girlfriend was shot and killed. the moment that caused pistorius himself to cover his years in court. a teen suing her parents for financial support, including college tuition and expenses. it made it to a judge. there is a ruling. we'll tell it to you and then get into the debate that ensues. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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welcome back. emotions running high at the murder trial of oscar pistorius. a neighbor back on the stand this morning after saying he heard the screams of someone whose life was in danger. and tuesday, the stunning moment the olympic blade runner 00 seeming to cover his ears during testimony. good morning, robin. >> reporter: hi there. well the court has adjourned for the lunch break. during the morning session, once again oscar pistorius' defense tearing into those state witnesses. as the murder trial got underway for a third day, pistorius' defense waist wasted no time on
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the neighbors of the olympic champion. >> i recall that there was a pause between the fist shots and the shots that followed. >> a small pause, exactly the same as your wife's evidence. >> reporter: both claim they heard gunshots that night. >> i'm convinced i heard gunshots. >> reporter: they're trying to show that they taylored their testimony to match one another. >> you said the following, the last scream faded moments after the shot. she spoke about the fading of the scream after the lost shot and you speak about the fading. >> reporter: on tuesday, the blade runner's neighbor broke down on the stand. she testified she heard horrifying screams the night reeva steenkamp was killed. the defense tried to poke holes in the neighbor's redbility.
3:20 am
>> you heard that out of a closed toilet in a house 177 meters away. >> reporter: offering their own explanation claiming the high-pitched yells were actually from pistorius after he realized he had accidentally shot his girlfriend and not an intruder. pistorius became visibly emotional during the cross-examination, slouching down, appearing to cover his ears and wiping away tears. prosecutors maintain pistorius killed steenkamp in a fit of rage. her mother says the trial is a small step towards healing. >> one has to forgive. i don't want it to burn me up. it's got to go. >> all right. thanks to robin for the reporting. let's bring in cnn legal analyst kelly phelps. let's start with giving an understanding for the crucial
3:21 am
element for the prosecution which is premedation. what needs to be shown by prosecutors to make that case? >> reporter: premedation is going to be one of the most interesting legal parts of the trial because it's not clearly settled in south african law. what they will need to show is that in a sort period of time after the fight occurred, oscar pistorius had a sober moment of thought where he made the decision to kill reeva steenkamp, fetch the gun and executed that decision. >> that's very interesting. one of the fascinating things here is our comparison of u.s. law and what we're used to in trials versus south african. here, you need that beat were there is actual thought between one action and the next. that will be interesting to demonstrate. the next point, earwitnesses
3:22 am
very important. what people heard in this trial. there are two of them. the defense pushing back very aggressively seemed to shake one of them about her memory and about the similarities to her husband's statement. what was your take? >> reporter: yes, absolutely. i think the defense made quite a bit of headway with both the witnesses in terms of being able to suggest a reasonable doubt that their memory of events was in fact accurate, that it was gunshots they heard. >> again, now, the defense was working all of the variables to the advantage. the door was closed, 177 meters, the middle of the night, this was all a year ago. you don't know what the judge will find important. lastly, we're through three days
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of this trial. they've had a couple of witnesses. the first one on the stand for almost two days. 107 witnesses are on the sheet. what is your take on how long this trial could last? >> it's impossible to tell how long it could last. i would estimate that a trial of this nature would usually take between four to six months if there aren't many postponements and objections from either side. considering that the state themselves acknowledged in their opening statement that their case is based very heavily on circumstantial evidence. they will be relying on the testimony of witnesses very heavily in order to persuade the court that that circumstantial evidence should be considered beyond a reasonable doubt. >> there's going to be a lot of trails to follow. we look forward to having you help guide us through what you hear. thanks for joining us.
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coming up next on "new day," a possible way out of the crisis in ukraine. germany's chancellor coming up with an off ramp, it's being described as, but will he take it. and a terrifying scene in florida. a pregnant mom and her three kids rescued from their van after it drove straight into the ocean. we'll take you through it. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together the fastest internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. welcome back to "new day." let's get back over to john berman for some of today's top
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stories. john kerry and russia's foreign minister set to meet face to face this morning. he fears that vladimir putin is poised to escalate the invasion of ukraine. russian lawmakers are ordering the creation of a new law that will allow russia to seize the assets of u.s. and european companies if sanctions are imposed on moscow. this would effectively push back the individual mandate by one year. this is the fist such vote since the law took effect on january 1st. it is not likely to be taken up in the senate. in just a few hours, a former irs official will appear at a house agency in regards to the scandal. lerner is a key figure in the
3:29 am
irs's targets of the tea party and other groups. and the friendly skies taking an unfriendly turn when it comes to passengers trying to squeeze oversized bags into carry on compartments. they'll have to go back to the ticket counter and pay a $25 checked luggage fee. i can see their point. on the other hand, you have to pay for your checked baggage, i don't know. chris? >> john, you're even but fair. back now to the conflict in ukraine. a suggested off ramp solution to the crisis may be in sight with international observers in place. will the russians take the deal? we're joined now by vladimir posner. welcome to the cnn family.
3:30 am
>> well, thank you very much, chris. >> now, let's have at it. looking at it from 30,000 feet, the idea of acceptance by russians in russia for what vladimir putin is doing in the ukraine. state-sponsored research had 73% of russians not wanting any russian involvement in the ukraine's fight for its own sovereignty. do you believe the country is in line with what vladimir putin seems to be doing? >> the answer to that depends what you mean by "in line" i'm. i'm sure 73% if not more do not want to go to war for the crimea or the ukraine. undoubtedly that's the fact. on the other hand, i think they appreciate the tough stance that putin has taken vis-a-vis the russians living in the ukraine
3:31 am
and especially in the crimea. >> the idea that there are further encroachments by pro-russian forces that are believed to be russian forces on the peninsula, that they're trying to take control of situations, do you believe that this is what it appears to be to other observers which is vladimir putin invading ukraine? >> very, very frankly, i do not. i think that mr. putin has clearly understood that invading ukraine or invading part of ukraine will cost simply much too much. it is not in russia's interests. it is not something that the majority of russians want. it will create a tremendous backlash so far as international relations are concerned. so when he says that these people, whoever they are, are probably local militia types, i
3:32 am
would tend to believe that. i really don't think that these are undercover russian military forces carrying out some kind of secret plan. >> so it goes then to the issue of whether or not to believe him. we have reporters all over the place in ukraine. as you suggested, that's the best way to figure out the situation. cnn is doing exactly that. the idea of knee yoe nazi or anti-russian groups running around, we have found no evidence of it. that these are pro-russian but not russian troops, we now have multiple accounts of those soldiers identifying themselves as russian military. the under pinning by vladimir putin saying he's only responding to a false resolution. if he is wrong, why believe him about any of it?
3:33 am
>> as i said to you, i think i was talking to you, i don't believe politicians in general. doesn't matter where they come from. politicians play their own game. and all of these things have to be checked out very carefully. i can't speak for the reporters that you're talking about as to whether or not they have been able to talk to these whoever they are people instead of listening to someone telling them that they have said that they're russian soldiers, actually get to talk to these so-called russian soldiers and find out exactly who they are. that, i think, would be very interesting. i would agree to a certain point that the west, and in particular, the united states, seems to be interested in seeing to it that ukraine is out of the russian inputs. is this to get they to into ukraine which would be very
3:34 am
uncomfortable to russia or for any other reason, i really don't know. although, i do think the nato issue is one to look at. it is clear that the actual revolution was not made by the united states. it's also clear that the united states has taken advantage of it, as has western yup, sending in their officials to say, yes, go ahead and doing this as kerry did yesterday. you do see a strong support on the part of the west, and in particularly the united states for this government. finally, if they haven't been able to find nazis in that government, i'll tell you frankly, they haven't looked very hard. they've been on russian television. they've said it very openly. one has said the more russians killed the there. they're out there, i'm not saying they're the majority. >> you also have to identify them as a threat.
3:35 am
we have no found no proof of that. it's a quest for democracy which is what the majority of ukrainians have said they wanted. >> come on. come on. you -- >> and i understand why you're shaking your head. you say you don't trust politicians but you've seem without question to be if not apologizing, rationalizing vladimir putin yesterday. afghanistan, you had a country that was decidedly toxic. a hostile government that had done hostile things to its own people. >> no, no, no. chris -- >> it's week. >> you've got it wrong. you've got it wrong. i was talking about the soviet incursion into afghanistan. >> all right. we agree on that. that was horrible. that was really wrong. that looked like this. you know, the '79 invasion
3:36 am
looked like what's going on in the ukraine, unjust find and hostile. >> what i'm saying that ukraine is not the same thing as afghanistan. there were soviet troops going in openly to afghanistan. there was no doubt about that. there is no proof whatsoever that russian troops have been going into the ukraine. you cannot compare the two. that's very clear to me at least. i am explaining. i said to you, the majority of russians do not want any kind of military involvement in ukraine. and i think president putin is going to have to listen to that. he also said yesterday that there was now no threat of any military conflict in crimea. he said it publicly. he also said he understood why people were revolving in the square. he said they were sick and tired of the kind of governments
3:37 am
they've had before, governments of thieves. and they want add radical change. that's also a statement i think is worth looking at. i think, quite frankly, this putin bashing has become a kind of national sport in the u.s. media. it's easy to do and it's great fun, but i don't know where it leads you. >> well, i think that the concern is that you have the leader of such an important country who seems bent on doing things that are e anymore call to the cause of freedom. i think that's what triggers the objectivity of the journalists. point me to the countries that are backing up what vladimir putin done. we saw it with syria. we saw it with iran other countries. so it can't just be western jurn lists. but this is certainly a conversation to be continued. >> no, no. >> when you want to accept what the reporting is on the ground.
3:38 am
i do have to leave it there. it's good to have you signed up to cnn so we can keep having this conversation. >> i hope we can. >> appreciate your time mr. pose ner. coming up next, a frightening scene in florida. a mother at the wheel and three children inside goes straight into the ocean. questions are being raised about what the mother was actually doing just ahead. a new jersey teenager is suing her parents for financial support. why the judge believes siding with the 18-year-old could create a dangerous precedent. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad.
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welcome back. a horrifying scene in florida caught on camera. a minivan with a pregnant woman and her three children trapped inside winds up going into the ocean. incredibly, the family was rescued. what witnesses say really happened is disturbing. we have more on this story. >> disturbing a right. investigators are trying to figure out how and why this happened. just to give you a little bit of sense what it was like, the waves were so strong, that the good samaritans kept getting knocked over as they were trying to get to the children inside this van. a terrifying scene. watch as this minivan is surrounded by water. a pregnant woman and her three young children are trapped inside. one of the men who went into the water to rescue the family spoke
3:43 am
to cnn affiliate. >> she has this look on her face. i can't describe it. just an awful blank look, like spaced outlook. and a kid on her lap on the steering wheel. and the two in the backseat was crying saying our mommy's trying to kill us, please help. >> witnesses say the mother left the vehicle as waves began to crash into the car. >> i saw a kid in the back waving his arms around. >> one rescuer seen here carrying two of the children out of the water. >> watching them carry the kids out of the van was very emotional. waves were pounding into the water and down until it submerged. >> water quickly overtook the van. the mother allegedly drove it into the ocean. >> she went straight into the
3:44 am
water. >> investigates are looking into how this happened, saying that the mother was incoherent. we're told that the children were 3, 9 and 10 years old. they are expected to be okay. chris and kate, we're also told that the woman who was driving is said to be undergoing a medical health evaluation. >> what a terrifying scene for those poor little children. thank you so much. >> hats off to those people willing to go into the water and help those kids. lebron james and kevin durant are in the middle of an mvp race of the ages. let's bring in joe carter with this morning's "bleacher report." tell us the news. >> we've got about 20 games left in the nba's regular season. lebron you could say is winning
3:45 am
the sprint, but kevin durant is winning the marathon. last night against the sixers, he scored 42 points and didn't even play in the fourth quarter. also, college basketball, syracuse lost again at home. this time to a bad georgia tech team. they've lost four of their last five. and michigan may have lost two plays to the nba and their preseason all american to injury, but they still managed to win the title outright last night. it's the first since 1986. the tournament officially starts in 13 days. and later today, the u.s. men's soccer team plays ukraine. this was moved from the ukraine
3:46 am
to cyprus earlier in the week for obvious reasons. team usa wasn't even sure they were going to play this match until yesterday. >> that match takes on a whole new means now. let's take another break. coming up next on "new day," a new jersey judge rules against a teenager suing her parents for financial support after she says they threw her out of the house. more details ahead. ♪ geico motorcycle. see how much you could save.
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it is "money time." let's get over to christine romans in the money center. >> world markets are on pins and needles. a single headline on the russia crisis can change everything. look at yesterday, the dow jurped 228 points. and the s&p 500 has never been this hard. still charging despite the big losses on monday. remember the radio shack super bowl ad. it was such a great spot and kind of ominous too. radio shack now closing 1,100 underperforming stores. they have about 5,200 locations. so many people are buying things online. compare that to walmart for
3:51 am
example, it only has 3,700 stores. thanks guys. ready, daddy, pay for college or i will sue you. you can cross that off the list of things that will never be heard, but the judge has spoken in this bitter family court battle. the new jersey teen facing off against her parents over tuition. the judge ruled that the parents do not have to pay for college high school for now. we're here with more. >> your senior year in high school is supposed to be so special, something you never forget. for one family, the memory is going to be the legal proceedings have just begun. it was the first time that high school senior rachel canning had laid eyes on her parents in more than four months. now they are facing off in a new
3:52 am
jersey courtroom, the honor student suing them for financial support and tuition. >> i am my biggest enemy. >> emotions were high as the judge read an apologetic e-mail canning sent her parents. but the relationship was rocky. canning's parents say the 18-year-old wouldn't listen, at one point leaving her mother a pro fanty-laysed voice mail. >> have you ever in your experience seen a young adult child show such gross disrespect for a parent. >> they're the ones who raised this child. this is the language that they're using in their household. >> after she was suspended for missing class, her parents say they had to lay down some rules.
3:53 am
first, get rid of the boyfriend. something she refused to do. >> they were more interested in saving their $6,000 and making their point. >> canning left home citing emotional and verbal abuse which her parents deny. they say they want her to come home. now living with a friend's family, she wants her parents to pay for living expenses, high school and college. legal experts say she may have a shot. >> if you continue your education and go to college or a higher learning education, nj nm says you are -- new jersey says you are not emancipated. >> parental influence was on the judge's mind as he discussed the potential impact of this case. >> are we going to condone or open the gates for a 12-year-old to sue for an xbox or how about a 15-year-old asking for a
3:54 am
60-inch flat panel tv? >> the result was they were unfounded. it was surreal sitting in that courtroom yesterday. her father tried to talk to her several times. one time he just sat down at the plaintiff's table and began to talk with her. the judge trying to reconcile them said, she will always be your daughter. and shawn canning was like this, and he said and they will always be your parents and she was like this. >> she is a confused kid. who's motivating her to do this this way. >> that's the troubling thing. >> and the immediate question, did the judge offer a legal basis for holding over the decision on college as something other than this being about equity and helping this family through? >> the applications are not due until mid-may. >> what was the legal basis for having to make a decision about
3:55 am
it at all? what's the law that supports forcing parents to pay for anything. >> the issue was there's a college fund, it was set up. her attorney says there's an emergency basis for an order that tax records of parents can then go on the applications for college. he said, no emergency. >> and the fact that the legal drama is now going to continue to drag out. hard to see how they're going to reach any kind of reconciliation any time soon. >> it's very sad. >> i feel that they're going through this and the shame of having this all be so public. >> they were very emotional. she held it all i know side. world leaders are trying to find a resolution to the ukrainian crisis this morning. did president obama's reset on
3:56 am
russian foreign policy contribute to the crisis? georgia takes a big step to legalize medical marijuana. dr. sanjay gupta joins us on his documentary. weed two. cannabis madness. l policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly. what do you mean? your grass, man. it's famished! just two springtime feedings with scotts turf builder lawn food helps strengthen and protect your lawn from future problems. thanks scott. [ scott ] feed your lawn. feed it.
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4:00 am
seeking confrontation. >> there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. >> it was clear that this person's life was in danger. >> it paints a very distorted picture. i think we've all been mislead. up first, the latest on the crisis in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart set to meet. kerry is saying he fears vladimir putin is making the crisis worse. they are working on a new bill that would allow them to seize assets to companies doing business in russia if those countries impose sanctions on russia.
4:01 am
merkel is looking for a way to help putin back away and save face with a so-called off ramp. president obama saying there is consensus among u.s. and european officials that russia is acting illegally. >> there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. >> the president says if vladimir putin's actions are not a sign of strength, but a reflection of country's near russia have a deep suspicion of this kind of meddling. former secretary of state hillary clinton weighing in. she reportedly compared russia's move to the population transfers in nazi germany prior to world war ii. she said, quote, if this sounds familiar, it's what hitler did
4:02 am
back in the 1930s. let's begin with michelle live at the white house for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we saw secretary of state john kerry in kiev. today he is meeting with his counterparts from the uk, ukraine, and russia. this morning, kerry was saying he was disappointed that russia hadn't shown up yet. there is still an opportunity to talk this afternoon, though. and that's what everyone is waiting for. the u.n. foreign secretary said that he was not optimistic about the outcome. that it would be a test to see this morning whether russia was prepared to sit down with ukraine. chris? >> all right. thank you very much. the u.s. is planning, as you just heard. but it does seem that putin is driving the situation.
4:03 am
the question is, what will his next move be. let's bring in phil black live from moscow. >> here, politicians are working on draft legislation that would enable the russian government to seize money and property belonging to american and european companies if they do put in place sanctions. it's one that would impact many of american companies that have invested billions here. history shows it is something russia is prepared to do. it often takes an asymmetrical response to sanctions. one response was to pass a law here banning american families from adopting russian children. it is a sign of the sort of steps russia is prepared to take
4:04 am
when it believes it is being unfairly targeted by the international community. this morning it does appear that russian forces or at least pro russian forces are in control of the crimean peninsula. what's the latest, anna? >> reporter: well, john, we believe there are some 16,000 russian troops or pro russian forces that have either occupied or surrounded military bases here on the crimean peninsula. we are in the capitol of crimea. the government building is behind me. the russian flag is the one flying next to the cry mean flag. 60% of people here speak russian and people who are speaking to earlier, said they want russian forces to come here. they want to be saved, if you
4:05 am
like, from the fascsits. certainly, at the moment things are calm. but as we know, this is a volatile and unpredictable situation. the new prime minister here, he is holding a referendum at the end of the month. that will determine whether or not crimea becomes independent from the ukraine. there's a real feeling that crimea has been lost -- or i should say is lost from the ukraine. so that is -- that is the feeling at the moment from the people here in the peninsula. back to you. >> all right. so we have the feelings on the ground there. then we have the politics going on back here at home. the question of the future of ukraine, a big function of the question of how did we get here in the first place. president obama took office declaring a reset of american relations with russia. did that policy wind up becoming
4:06 am
part of the problem we're facing today? joining us kevin madden and cnn commentators. kevin, president obama and much of the media scoff when mitt romney said back in the election russia's the biggest threat. you make the case for why, what we're seeing with vladimir putin is a reflection of president obama's weakness as opposed to him just being recognizeless. >> governor romney said russia was our number one geo political foe, often times trying to counter american interests. so i think one of the reasons -- this was a point of contention in one of the debates that we had in the 2012 election, governor romney said that he's a real is. that he's not looking at russia
4:07 am
and their strategic objectives through rose-colored fwl eed gl that we need to check putin and some of the russian interests, we need a firmer american foreign policy posture. now what we're seeing is the fruits of essentially a very muddled foreign policy on behalf of president obama. >> when you want to break it down, it means weak. are we seeing the result of too much of the open hand and not enough of the fist from president obama? is that why we're in the situation we're in? >> i think the options are pretty limited, you know. first a off, we saw long before president obama in 2008, george w. bush was president who was randomly invading countries.
4:08 am
yet putin moved into ga feorgia. so this is all about putin. the u.s. certainly has options, but frankly, we have far, far fewer because of the blood and treasure that we exhausted in iraq. it will be a half century before the united states of america is over that. we're a very war weary country and a half bankrupt country because of the choices we made in iraq. >> you got the allegation. here's the criticism. is this just an extension of more republican politicking of this -- blocking of this president? you're saying the republicans, oh see, this is his fault, he's too weak. what else could have been done? where are the republicans saying if this, this, and this had been
4:09 am
done, we wouldn't be where we are today? >> i think it's quite substantive. you have many republicans that have just a different world view from democrats and particular with president obama on many of these issues. take for example the criticism promoted by senator john mccain. they have a very long track record of promoting greater american engagement and a stronger american posture around the globe. what they've sought to do is hold president obama more accountable. >> when you kill americans and nobody pays a price, you invite this type of afwregs. are you serious in you really believe that vladimir putin is moving on the ukraine because he sees weakness in benghazi. >> when president obama doesn't follow through on actions -- where he said look, there will
4:10 am
be grave consequences in syria, if russia were to provide edward snowden asylum. and not really backing that up, that track record starts to undermine the president's position. that's what i think the overall theme. >> you shake your head. offer an alternative explanation for why the president does seem to have more trouble rallying countries to the cause as we go from crisis to crisis. >> because countries have their own agendas. the whole notion that this is all about the united states or all about president obama, it's frankly silly. our viewers should know that i've been to the ukraine in the past. i've advised some of the forces in the ukraine. i've been there and talked to ukrainians. it's not about washington. it's mostly about europe versus
4:11 am
russia, berlin versus moscow. it's a little -- i think it's a little silly. i will say this about lindsey graham, i would much rather have too much criticism during a foreign crisis than too little. one of the great regrets most democrats have is they were feckless when george w. bush was marching us off. i know graham's got a primary in a couple months. but i want to encourage more debate and even criticism at a time like this. >> especially when it's substantive. >> you guys are agreeing. but i'm going to disagree with both of you on this. i'll challenge that assertion. what about when it isn't substantive? what about when it's cherry picking and an ex-tension of
4:12 am
this ugly toxic game that we're playing democratly. is this the -- deomestically. >> i don't think this is about political add van. we also shouldn't cherry pick some of the people out there offering partisan swings at the president. when you have an issue like this that's so important. what you're seeing mostly is people offering substantive criticisms, trying to promote policies they think are going to impact the white house decision makes that is ultimately better for the american strategic interests. >> if you can't get the left and the right to vilify around vladimir putin, i don't know what the prospects are for anything domestic. president obama is taking his push this morning for a
4:13 am
higher minimum wage to connecticut. he's going to be joined by governors from four states at central connecticut state university where he's going to be discussing eithers to try to -- efforts to try to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. this comes after the release of the bujts. it is also a big first step toward getting another bush elected into office. george p. bush winning the republican primary race in his bid to become texas land commissioner. democrat wendy davis and greg abbott won their primary contests. and john cornyn, the number two republican in the senate, turned back a tea party challenge in that state. we have some breaking news overnight from here at home. the end of mardi gras turned
4:14 am
tragic. two men shot and killed along the new orleans water front. a third person was wounded in a different shooting at the same event earlier that night. in the new york times, the cia inspector general's office asking the justice department to investigate alleged agency misconduct in connection with a senate report on a secret cia detention interrogation program. it may be related to cia monitoring of computers which would violate on agreement between the intelligence committee and the agency. in the washington post, the nation's capitol could soon de criminal liez recreational marijuana. instead, civil fines would be imposed for most offices. we're talking about $25. the mayor says he intends to sign the bill. the district would join 17
4:15 am
states. the wall street journal reporting on the overuse of antibiotics by u.s. hospital. they say it is putting patients at risk and potentially creating deadly super bugs. it says some prescribe antibiotics at three times the rate of other hospitals. vulnerable to other types of infections. chris? happening today, venezuela marks the first anniversary of the death of hugo chavez. they honor the long-time socialist ruler. his successor has faced a flood of anti-government protests challenging his rule. they have led to clashes with security forces and at least 18 deaths. pope francis is marking ash wednesday with a special procession between two basilicas
4:16 am
in rome ending where he'll celebrate mass which includes the ashes on the foreheads of the faithful. it marks the beginning of lent leading up to easter. a skier is dead after an avalanche in colorado. it struck almost 2,000 feet above sea level and sent snow barrelling into the back country. this is the 7th person killed by an avalanche in colorado this season. united airlines is cracking down on passengers with oversized luggage. they will be sent back to the counter to pay a 25 fee. airlines say they haven't consistently enforced the rules. "new day" trivia, who never checks a bag and is therefore misery to have to travel with
4:17 am
while on assignment. >> i never check. >> the answer indra petersons. she packs the biggest, heaviest lugga luggage wherever she goes away. >> and who is warm and who is cold in the field? just saying. we will give you weather which is a little bit better today. warmer than yesterday where they were record breaking for not only yesterday morning but more the entire month of march. finally it's feeling better. it's looking so much better as we go towards the weekend. so, yes, temperatures are climbing and it's not just the midwest this time. we can go all the way to the northeast, temperatures in the upper 40s, maybe the 50s. even, yes, a little bit of snow. we don't care though. as long as it's warming up, it's okay. still talking about rain that did affect mardi gras yesterday.
4:18 am
this guy is expected to go up the coastline. we need to watch to see whether it brings more snow no the northeast by the weekend. right now, it's trending offshore. i'd put the jacket on cuomo because i've got the luggage. >> i'm worried about my back from shoveling. >> it's one of the worst chores ever. the oscar pistorius murder trial is now in day three. his defense trying to discredit neighbor's testimony that's been going on. is it impacting the judge? which side has the edge so far? and undertaking very important work in the ukraine. why what he's doing is justified. how much of his suppositions are true. we're doing a fact check. you're going to want to hear it when we come back. got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom,
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visit to learn your risk. okay. it is day three of the murder trial of olympian oscar pistorius underway in south africa. there has been testimony already that may move the case one way or another. we have for the prosecution and defense, one analyst for each. we have a former prosecutor. danny, criminal defense attorney, he'll take the other side. allow me to say, i like the new do. >> i'm crazy, wild, and young again. >> otherwise, i'm objective. i will begin with you. what do you think the prosecution has done well so far? >> i think one thing they've
4:23 am
done is established there was a woman screaming before the gun shouts. that a key to this case. then oscar pistorius cannot get up and court and say, oh, i thought it was an intruder. he knew that she was awake. he knew he was behind the door when he put the bullets into reeva steenkamp. i think that's one thing they've done really well right off the gate. >> countering vinny's open collar look, suggesting that you're going to be very strict on your defense. how do you rebut two witnesses saying they heard sounds of a lot of enthusiasm. vinny's saying there. how do you counter that has defense? >> i will concede that by now we now have corroboration between the earwitnesses in this case.
4:24 am
even with corroboration, the problem is virtually every factor negatively affecting earwitness testimony is in this case. you have a distance of about 200 yards. and at least one of the participants was behind a locked door, in the bathroom. now their testimony, while it is consistent, simply is undermined by science. that is that at least one of the participants was 200 yards away in a locked bathroom. it just belies common sense. >> you're shaking your head. deal with that, but also this suggestion, that just because there was screaming doesn't mean that you have premeditated murder. so connect the dots. >> let me start first with the
4:25 am
window. the whole thing of being locked in that toilet, that's if you believe the defense attorney in his cross-examination and the statement of oscar pistorius. if there's an argument, she's going to be screaming before she gets into that door. and oscar pistorius is the one that told us the other window was wide open in that bathroom. premedation, that's going to be the biggest obstacle because we're in south africa. how much time does it take for oscar pistorius to go from the bathroom, go back to his bedroom, retrieve his gun and go back to the bathroom and then decide to shoot. in my world, that's enough for premeddiation. he took the time to get the gun. >> this matters. how do you show that oscar pistorius did any of those things that you just mentioned instead of what he says happened which was him making his way
4:26 am
over very difficulty and firing almost randomly into what he thought was surely a threat and he had had threats like that before in a very dangerous area where he lives? >> elect fied barbed wire by the way. here's the thing, the whole thing about him not being on his prosthetics, i think gives him more time to think about what he's going to do. it's going to take longer to retrieve the gun. it's going to take longer to follow her in the bathroom. he's just bought twice as much time at least. >> danny, what do you make of the suggestion about whether or not he had the legs on? he says he didn't and what that says to premeditation. and also comment on why are you arguing that your client screams like a woman.
4:27 am
>> it's a really brilliant strategy because it shows the panic that oscar pistorius may have felt, that he was in anguish after this happened. and that, even though it may be embarrassing, who cares. the truth is, the man was in anguish. he was screaming whether it was like a girl or like a man. >> what is that the princess bribe defense? who's ever heard of that before? >> it's the idea that sometimes the truth is not so fwlam rous. if he screamed like some may say a girl, then that may be more credible then him purporting to have done something admirable. he has to convince the judge that he was merely galactically stupid when he did what he did. he already has to make ta sort of concession that he didn't do the right thing. we already know that he shot
4:28 am
into a bathroom that most of us wouldn't do. he already has that sort of defense lined up and ready to go. we know that they've conceded he's without his prosthetics. so that will be key in evaluating the ballistics. the key is to refuse those, get rid of the science and attack the earwitnesses. >> still explaining a scenario that doesn't make sense to many on the outside. but a really good take on where we are so far. dan danny,ty very much. vinny, we're watching you on hln. great coverage there. >> that's the bedrock of where the case is so far. let's keep the discussion going. tweet us with the hash tag "new day." coming up next on "new day," russian president vladimir putin
4:29 am
has made serious claims defending russian's involvement, invasion, occupation, whatever you want to call it in ukraine. we're going to separate fact from fiction for you. and are even the most conservative parts of america coming around on medical marijuana. georgia took a big step towards that. dr. sanjay gupta will be here with a preview. talk about that. and a preview of his new documentary. [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief.
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the united states of america, the russian federation, and the united kingdom of great britain reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the
4:33 am
threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of ukraine. >> that's just in. secretary of state john kerry addressing world leaders in paris this morning about the crisis in ukraine. kerry told reporters he fears russian president vladimir putin is planning an escalation of his military operation in crimea. putin of course spoke out with his own views on the crisis tuesday. let's try to separate fact from fiction here and do this the only way cnn can with our reporters on the ground. let's start with -- we'll bring them in in just one second. here is the first claim that putin made yesterday that a lot of people are paying attention to. the fact that there are masked
4:34 am
militants in kiev. putin saying at one point, armed and masked militants are roaming the streets of kiev. michael, we've talked about this quite a bit since we heard that come from putin's mouth. what are you seeing on the ground? putin is arguing this threat as one of the reasons russia's had to move in. >> reporter: undoubtedly, kate, during the protests, there were some extreme national lists. they were very vocal and at the forefront. it's important to put it in context. the vast bulk of those on the streets during the protests and right now are ordinary ukrainians. now, they are the majority of people who've been out. the ones who are opposed the
4:35 am
government of viktor yianukovyy. were those numbers there, they will were. but not in the numbers putin would have you believe. those elements were there. but, yes, there's a basis for anything like what happened. absolutely correct. >> michael holmes in kiev on the ground there. thank you michael. let's talk about another claim that vladimir putin made yesterday. that the local ukrainian people, they're the ones that are asking for russia's help, that they needed help, that they felt threatened. and here's a key part, that who was on the ground, who's moving in, not russian forces. he argues that the armed men controlling crimea, they're actually local self defense forces. let's bring in anna in crimea.
4:36 am
we heard what vladimir putin said. we know u.s. and european allies have said this is false. what are you seeing on the ground? >> reporter: well as far as the russian troops go, obviously putin has said they're just local militia. that is false. our crews can confirm that they are russian forces. they're flying the flags. they have the license plates on their cars and trucks. and some of the young soldiers have actually said that they are russian troops. vladimir putin, he's not telling the truth over that one. as far as the people here in crimea are concerned, yes, they do want the russian troops to come and save them. that's what we've been hearing from the people certainly here in the capitol of crimea. we're standing outside the government building. this is what the people are saying.
4:37 am
that they are scared and they want the russians to come in. vladimir putin had said that his forces are here to defend the russian speakers here in the ukraine. >> as we have heard, whatso som folks in crimea, very different than kran januarys in other parts of the country. thank you so much. here's another claim that vladimir putin made yesterday, that the basis for all of this -- -- he's blaming the best for what he called an familiarky and an armed -- anarchy and an armed coup in the ukraine. secretary kerry came out and said very clearly that he believes putin is works very hard to create the pretext to invade further. he's creating his own facts on the grouped to try to rationalize the movements that russia is making.
4:38 am
do you think there is evidence to exist that this movement started anywhere in the west? >> no. was the u.s. involved, yes. did they ork straight this, no. you had u.s. officials trying to help broker an agreement between the protestors and the existing ukrainian government. remember that phone call when the top diplomat was caught on the phone speaking to the ambassador in the ukraine? it was believed that was released by the russians, put out on youtube, in fact, and tweeted around by an advisor to vladimir putin to show the u.s. sticking its hands in all this. or kes straighting it, no. >> this was a locally organized revolt against a government there that they saw is corrupt and is grabbing powers and defying the ukrainian's people
4:39 am
desire to grow closer to the west. as secretary kerry said, the russians trying to create a pretext for their action there. part of that is the west is interfering. they got rid of another -- another claim is they got rid of the popularly elected leader of the ukraine, replaced with these protestors who the russians call -- use the word terrorist to describe the protestors. the u.s. will say they're trying to make peace there. they can't say they orchestrated this or planned it from the beginning. >> trying to separate fact from fiction in what can be a very confusing situation in any crisis playing out overseas. coming up on "new day," georgia is close to legalizing medical marijuana. the man behind the documentary
4:40 am
and a brand new one apartmently titled, cannabis madness, dr. sanjay gupta joins us next. and you want a six-pack? maybe you need to follow the advice of a 6-month-old. we have it coming up later in the hour. that guy just has a bald head. the baby is the one on the left. spokesperson: the volkswagen passat tdi clean diesel can go 795 highway miles on a single tank. huh... so you could drive from los angeles all the way philadelphia with just three stops for fuel.
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4:43 am
welcome back. have we reach add tipping point with pot? georgia's state house approved a bill to legalize medical marijuana after playing a part of cnn's ground breaking
4:44 am
documentary "weed" on the state house floor. the measure now heads to the state senate for consideration. its passage could be a shift in attitudes. let's discuss. the man behind the weed documentary, dr. sanjay gupta. who's been investigating the real science behind this. >> you should not have marijuana behind your head. i think it sends the wrong -- >> it just follows you around. >> it's just wrong. >> no, it's just right. but in all seriousness. i want to get your take on what's happening in georgia. we have seen when it comes to medical marijuana, it's almost like we're talking about recreational marijuana. we have 20-some states who have approved it. >> they've been much more conservative on this whole thing and not putting it up for a vote
4:45 am
until recently. if you looked at the issue a couple years ago, i don't think many would have thought it had a prayer's chance of passing. it's interesting what's happening there. it is a very restrictive law and i want to be clear about this. this is not recognizelatireatio marijuana. this isn't something that people wou would smoke. this is the therapeutic form of marijuana, but not the stuff that gets you high. that's what they're talking about is this medicine potentially out of marijuana. >> does that go far enough? i know part of your first documentary and i think you take it on again in weed two, you're looking at the really helpful impact it can have on things like seizures and epilepsy. >> what's going to be necessary
4:46 am
ultimately is there's lots of different options available. there's not a one size fits all sort of approach here. you don't get the options for people to tinker a little bit if you will with the different strains of the marijuana. >> is the science there? >> it's interesting, in the united states, it is probably not there. i think part of that is because it's still classified as a schedule one substance. it's the most addictive and having no medicine effect. i found a lot of the science outside of this country. i got fooled by that as well. if you look at the u.s. literature, about 95% of the studies look at arm, 5 to 6% look at benefit. >> it's skewed. is the science no matter where you find it sufficient to offset
4:47 am
the risk of introducing marijuana more into the culture? >> with regard to the therapeutic component of it, i think it is. look, they've been doing this for a long time in israel for example. they even allow patients to use this medicine in the hospitals. it's part of their medical culture over there. we have to look outside our own borders and also do the research here, which is starting to happen. >> we see what's happening in colorado and washington state with recreational use. are these two movements moving in conjunction or can the medical marijuana movement happen independently? >> it's a great question. i've learned a bit about that over the past year. what i have found is that people will use whatever toe hold they can use to sort of advance their own agenda.
4:48 am
our focus was always on the medical parts of marijuana and this idea that there is a drug out there, a medication, which can work for people when nothing else has. it's very important. this is compassionate care. in so many cases, people are being denied that care. there are people that say look, it's going to open up the doors to legalization. it's going to condone it because gup ta and others are coming out and saying it's a good medicine. can't control other people's agendas but i think it's a fair point. >> there's a lot more to discuss about this topic. >> there's a whole documentary about it. >> on that note, you can catch his ground breaking reporting on medical marijuana as weed two, cannabis madness premiers right here on cnn. >> you did a great job for us. the cookies, i don't know why you wanted them, but there you
4:49 am
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♪ get physical look at this. how great is it? doesn't need a story to go along with it. look at the little one. she's looking at him, figuring out what she's doing. this is being -- it's obviously
4:53 am
become incredibly viral. it's being sold as a new fitness craze. it's a baby work out. you strengthen your core while tugging at your heart strings when the story is cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: so long richard simmons. ♪ >> reporter: fond as we are of the jane fonda workout. it's time to inhale this. even if lily ann the instructor -- >> this is hard. >> reporter: is only six, going on seven months. this baby's workout has 7 million reps on youtube. >> she does it all the time. she's up then down and making those sweet noises. >> reporter: michael and his wife have four kids but their
4:54 am
youngest who is burning up the internet with her exercise routine. call them push ups or whatever you call them, lilly ann does eight of them. >> nice job. yep. the swim. >> reporter: staring into the ipad that's recording them. so dad can mimic his daughter. fans are raving about the results they are getting. i lost ten pounds just watching this. >> i cannot verify that. >> reporter: if to thing else this baby inspired work out will strengthen your awww muscles. >> to the left. to the right. this way. i love you. >> reporter: fold by a touch and then a tickle. can we see her biceps? does she have biceps.
4:55 am
>> she has biceps. >> reporter: with muscles like not, next thing you know she will be weight lifting. lili ann's workout is over in a minute-and-a-half. coming soon the lily ann work out two. >> this time it will be tougher. >> reporter: a work out instructor before she's even learned -- ♪ a b cs that's too cute. >> we'll find out the lily ann workout was bad for you so i'm concerned about liability. >> you see that love daddy has for his little girl. >> i feel lily ann is going what are you doing?
4:56 am
>> she works to failure. that's when her body quits. i respect that as a workout ethic. >> did you see those biceps. >> she was pretty jacked. >> could it be a little chubby roll or bicep. >> doesn't matter. on me it matters. on her not so much. coming up next on "new day" the latest development from the crisis in ukraine. we're following them four. secretary of state john kerry fearful vladimir putin plans to expand the incursion in crimea. now there's a plan that could give putin a way out. a setback in court for a new jersey teen who is suing her own parents. she's demanding they pay her high school tuition and provide child support even though they claim she moved out because she didn't want to follow their rules. what did the judge say? stay tuned. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes?
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none of their weapons will be used against ukraine except in self-defense. >> breaking defense face off over ukraine. john kerry meeting with his russian counterparts. we're live with the latest. caught on tape, a terrifying scene at the beach. a mother drives into the ocean with her children trapped inside. by standers frantically try to save them. how did the family end up there to begin with. >> denied. the daughter suing her parents for cutting it off won't get support payments but it ain't over yet. the judge yet to rule whether the parents can be forced to pay for college. the raging debate this morning. your "new day" continues right
5:01 am
now. good morning and welcome once gone "new day" it is wednesday, march 5th, 8:00 in the east. the entire world is waiting to see if russian president vladimir putin will expand his invasion of ukraine. secretary of state john kerry meets with russia's foreign minister in paris. they are set to meet three hours from now. he met earlier with world lead towers discuss the current state of the crisis and he's making it clear that he fears putin will widen russia's military operation in crimea. >> right now russian choppers are flying over every corner of crimea and russian trucks are positioning troops throughout the peninsula. the white house is trying to put pressure on putin to de-escalate the crisis. president obama is work the phones with the german chancellor and other world lead towers find a resolution. now, we have the story covered as only cnn can. we have reporters on the ground
5:02 am
every where this story is happening in key spots of the ukraine, moscow and washington. let's go to michele kosinski for 0 more. >> uk's prime minister said nothing is off the table in terms of response to russia's action. vladimir putin said he has all options on the table in his response to the west. the problem now and focus today is getting russia to come to the table and talk to these other nations, the u.s., uk and ukraine instead of talking at them. although kerry and others present in paris this "morning express"ed disappointment that russia did not show up for the morning session. although russian foreign minister did tweet he would be there. afternoon talks are scheduled but already some doubts are being expressed. u.s. former secretary of defense robert gates saying he's not optimistic. this morning the uk's foreign secretary saying he's not
5:03 am
optimistic about the outcome. but that this group in paris would use every diplomatic opportunity to find a resolution to the crisis and this would be a test to see if russia is, indeed, prepared to sit down and talk to ukraine. chris? >> michele, washington can plan but vladimir putin seems to be driving the situation. his latest move not a step towards but away. russian politicians has a new law that allow russia to seize assets of european companies if sanctions are put in place. phil black is in moscow this morning. phil. >> reporter: that's what we're hearing about this morning, possible plans being put into place in the event that the united states and europe does enforce economic sanctions against russia. this draft legislation which has been put together by members of russian parliament would allow for the seizure of money, property, many of the large multinational american companies that have invested billions of
5:04 am
dollars in this economy over the last 20 years or so trying to get a slice of the market as it has moved from communism to capitalism. it would be a dramatic move but recent history shows it's not the beyond the relative humidity of possibility because russia likes to respond in a way that it describes asymmetrical. it is a sign that gives a sense of just how russia is prepared to respond when it believes it's sovereignty is under attack. back to you. >> phil i'll take that. let's now go from russia back over to ukraine. let's bring in anderson cooper is live in kiev. you've been on the ground.
5:05 am
you have been talking to a lot of ukrainians who are living this. while these high level talks are happening in paris how is the situation on the ground changed if at all? >> reporter: certainly in kiev it has not changed the protesters here in the square are still here. all eyes are on the situation in crimea where the military situation really seems to have stabilized i guess you could say although certainly not by any means, as chris reported earlier russian troops in control of crimea. ukrainian troops on their bases. we saw that confrontation yesterday between unarmed ukrainian troops moving towards armed russian forces, russian forces who fired in the air. one of the more dramatic developments on the ground in crime j. the situation seems to have stabilized and the focus is on the diplomatic efforts. john kerry was here yesterday. he came to the square to pay his respects before meeting with the
5:06 am
ukrainian leaders. u.s. considering what sort of sanctions if any they would start time pose on russia. france's foreign minister tweeted out earlier today unless the situation de-escalates they would consider sanctions tomorrow. there's a whole range of trade and economic sanctions. phil black in moscow russia would look into seizing assets of u.s. businesses and european businesses in russia. a tit for tat response from russia. the big question will the russian foreign minister meet with ukrainian counter part in paris? that seems very much in doubt and that could really give a sense of whether or not this crisis is starting to de-escalate and we should know that in a few hours. >> kerry said he does fear and waiting to see if vladimir putin wants to or will make moves to expand its invasion in ukraine.
5:07 am
it makes he had wonder clearly from the perspective of ukrainians in kiev is different from those in crimea. that's definitely become clear. do you get the sense from ukrainians no matter how this is resolved, unclear as well, that crimea is likely to be gone, likely to be no longer in ukrainian control. are ukrainians going that far yet? >> reporter: no. certainly everybody we talked to here in kiev talked about a unified ukraine. you have people in the square now, old men, young men willing to fight in order to keep crimea as part of ukraine. whether or not that happens, it seems -- you don't hear a lot of people talking about crimea becoming independent, becoming a separate country or becoming part of russia. it's not clear russia wants crimea to become part of russian territory but it is very possible. there could be a referendum in crimea in the coming weeks and
5:08 am
they grant themselves a greater autonomy from the central government in kiev. that's more of a federalist system. that could happen and not be a huge surprise to people here in kiev. the desire is to keep this country united. >> do folks think sanctions -- we have to know how binding they are -- is sanctions enough to force putin to de-escalate, to calm things down a little bit? >> reporter: well, there's certainly the hope here that those sanctions would be. i don't think there's many people here believe there's a military solution to this. look, no matter what happens, based on geography alone, ukraine has to deal with russia. you can't move the country. so no matter what happens down the road ukraine is going to be dealing with russia. they have enormous trade between the nations obviously gas pipelines from russia run through ukraine. there's no separating the two. it's a question of what sort of
5:09 am
relations they have, how close relations have and though there are many here more oriented towards the west, more oriented towards the european union just a matter of geography alone guarantees that there's going to be this relationship, the exact nature of it is really being tested and will be decided in the coming days and weeks. >> as you say, anderson, all eyes on crimea, but as well on these high level talks happening in paris to see who will be meeting and what will come with it. anderson cooper on the ground for us in kiev. thanks, anderson. >> please stay with us for the latest as it happens in ukraine. there's other news for you to watch this morning. let's get to john berman. break being news out of detroit a huge fire at an apartment building on the city's west side. one part of the building destroyed, smoke visible for miles. some people were forced to jump from the three story building in their pajamas. no word yet on any injuries. firefighters are also battling the elements. temperatures in detroit are justin teens this morning. also breaking this morning,
5:10 am
in the middle east, israeli forces intercepted an iranian shipment of advanced weapons that israel said were bound for terrorists in gaza. israeli navy stopped the ship in the red sea and boarded with the consent of the crew. they found syria manufactured surface to surface rockets which would have put residents in danger. a day after revealing his budget, president obama will be going to account central state university to push for a higher minimum wage. in what may be the first real test of the 2014 mid-term elections voters in texas dealt tea party groups something of a setback. the republican establishment showing its strength for senator john cornyn fairly easy beating back steve stockman and pete sessions defeated his tea party challenger as well. in the primary races for
5:11 am
governor democratic voters chose wendy davis who made her mark opposing texas's abortion law and republicans picked the current state attorney general greg abbott. the latest rewrite of the federal health care rules may let americans keep their old insurance plans even longer according to "the washington post". insurance industry officials familiar with the plan said the extension lasts for at least a year maybe up to three years. this is the second time in four months that obama administration officials adjusted their affordable care act rules. john, thank you very much. here's a question four. what made a mother reportedly drive into the ocean with her kids in the car. terrifying scene caught on camera as well as acts of heroism that fold. the mom and kids made it out alive. this morning the question was this attempted murder, mental illness? >> reporter: chris that's what investigators are carefully looking into this morning. some witnesses describe seeing the woman drive the minivan into
5:12 am
the water. then as you'll see by standers jumped into action trying to catch up with the car as it went further and further into the ocean. a terrifying scene watch as this minivan is surrounded by water, a pregnant woman and her three young children are trapped inside as the situation grows more and more dangerous. one of the men who went into the water to rescue the family spoke to cnn. >> she had this look on her face, i can describe it, an awful blank look like spaced out look, and a kid on her lap fighting her for the steering wheel and the two in the back seat was crying with their arms out saying our mommy is trying to kill us please help. >> reporter: witness claims the mother left the vehicle as waves began to crash into the car. >> i saw her bail out the within to and the cars are in the car. >> i saw a little kid in the back waving his arms around
5:13 am
screaming help us. >> reporter: one rescuer carrying two of the children out of the water as another jumps out of the nearly submerged twek with the third child. >> watching them carry the kids out of the van was very emotional. >> reporter: the rough water quickly overtook the van after witnesses said the mother allegedly drove it into the ocean. >> it started to go down pretty quick. she went straight into the water. >> reporter: investigators are looking inhow this happened. the south carolina mother was into her rent when rescued. would not speak to them about the incident. police say the children are 3, 9 and 10 years old. they were taken to a nearby hospital to get checked out but they are doing okay. chris and kate the woman who was driving is said to be undergoing a mental health evaluation. important to point out these were scary moments but impressive those people jumped in the ocean to get everybody out. >> you have no idea how that would have turned out if they didn't. thank you very much. it is still cold out there.
5:14 am
we don't need to tell you that. it's expected to warm up any time soon? for that let's go to our meteorologist indra petersons who has some good news. >> yesterday record lows for the entire month of march were all set yesterday. not a good place to start, right? finally today breathe a little bit easier. we'll be warming up. not justin midwest. temperatures climbing but now i'll drop you into the northeast, as we go towards the weekend even more importantly going to be seeing above, yes, above-normal temperatures. this has been a long time since i've been able to see that. it doesn't mean we're talking about any rain or snow. in the midwest some light flyers. the jet stream where it's warmer some rain is out there. this is key because we'll be watching that. yes in the southeast your temperatures are milder since they are warmer than us but cooling off below average. we're watching a, low a low system continuing to bring some showers. we have to track it again, where does this guy go close to the
5:15 am
coastline, a wintry mix for the weekend stays off the coastline, smooth sailing. we're hoping for smooth sailing but we don't know yet either way warmer so it doesn't matter. i'm sticking with it all day long. >> small jump in temperature even if it's like two degrees i'll take it. >> small. 50 is not small. it's good now. >> that's true. >> i like the rule make up a story and then stoikt. >> i'm sticking to it. >> doesn't matter if it's true. coming up on "new day" raising a teen can be tough. we all know that. an 18-year-old new jersey honor student suing her parents for child support and tuition after moving out of their house for not wanting to listen to their rules. what would a why have to say about this? >> hundreds of americans die each year in high-speed police chases. supreme court is taking it up hearing a case that could put serious limits on police when a criminal is getting away.
5:16 am
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you respect my rules while you live in my house. you come home when i ask you to, you do your homework, you respect your mother and father and your siblings. if not you find your own damn way to college. sound familiar. a lot of dialogues between parents and teens go that way. oh, yeah. i'm going to move out. i won't listen to you. i'll sue you and you will be forced to pay for my college how do you like that mom and dad. that's what's going on in a new jersey courtroom right now and by the way it made it into court. it got a ruling from a judge, and the most important part, and you'll be forced to pay for college has been set aside. how did it get to this point for this family. how did it get to this point in
5:20 am
the legal system. to defense. we'll bring in attorney mel robin, defense attorney. you're better looking, smarter and better looking. i'll go against you and take the prosecution side of this. i'll take the kid's side. from the outset how do you see this situation? >> you know, i think first of all a lot of us, you're a parent, i'm a parent, it's just sad, chris, and kind of scary to see that a family feud could unravel this quickly and i like you fine it surprising that it even made it to court, chris. the question here as you know is whether or not she's going to be deemed emancipated. in the state of new jersey, in 1995 there was a case that said that when a child moves beyond the sphere of influence and responsibility exercised by the parent and they obtain an independent status of their own the parents are no longer responsible for them and in this case she moved out.
5:21 am
case closed. the parents have said she can come back, chris so, i don't see why this is even an issue. >> well, mel, we're in court and, therefore, for a reason. there was some legal sufficiency and could be two things. one, could it be just what we call in the legal business equity, fairness that this judge feels he's going to help this family through this, that's part of his purview, mandate. also there's this suggestion of law that somewhat unique in new jersey when you have a divorce case, so we're in the realm of family law, that in figuring out what you owe to the child as one of the divorcing spouses, you must keep them in the style to which they were accustomed. so constructively this could be arguing you got me used to this lifestyle, you made promises, you must now support it even if you don't want to you're legally bound to it. you would dismiss it out of hand but the judge did not. he's reserving on that until we see what happens with the college applications and whether
5:22 am
the parents decide to use this college account for the kid or not. >> well, she's already been accepted to four schools including one that gave mr. $20,000 scholarship. you do raise an absolutely accurate point, chris, about the fact they are looking at this law around divorce case. this isn't a divorce. this is a case where this kid got fed up with her parents because they told her to break up with her boyfriend and she didn't like the rules and she moved out under her own will. and the other thing that kind of bugs me about this case and this really isn't the legal piece it's more of the human piece is what's up with this other family? i understand maybe you house somebody for four months but now they've gone and paid $12,000 to front her defense? there's something really weird about that to me. >> mel, let's pretends you just didn't say that. mel, what i want to know what's going on with this other family. because i think there's a different lawsuit here for tortious interference with
5:23 am
family contract that you should have the family of this girl go after this other one because it seems there's a motivation here. she's living with the family. they are paying for her legal defense which seems like something that nobody would want to promote. so the question becomes what is this really about and by extension, the question to you mel, when is it right for a court to intervene in a family situation like this or when is it unnecessary or inappropriate? >> great question. i mean i think unfortunately, chris, and you kind of gave a nod to this earlier in our discussion, the bottom line is these people cannot figure it out on their own and unfortunately it's unravelled to the point where the court is going to step in and luckily this guy, the judge, seems to be more like judge judy who is ruling from common saens basically saying this would be a terrible precedent because i know for me we put a cell phone contract in front of our 15-year-old two nights ago and if she could have lawyered up against chris and i she would
5:24 am
have. parents need to be able to do the right thing which is give your kids guidelines, set down the rules. i think it's important to remind everybody this is a kid that was going down a slippery slope. she had been suspended twice from school, she lost her position on the christian youth group, she lost her captainship of the cheerleading squad and she had been caught drinking. the parents did what anybody is supposed to do. they basically set down the rules and the kids said really i'm done i'm going over to my friend's house where the dad which i find to be really weird will front my legal defense against you. poor parents are weeping in court. they miss their kid and you got the daughter and i know you saw this too, chris, sitting there just smug, yawning in court. these poor parents. >> she's a kid so you got to dismiss a lot what she shows emotionally or not. i'm not joking when i say that in civil court can you sue for a lot of things and if this made to it a judge i wonder the
5:25 am
family going after the other one for promoting this behavior may not be something we'll hear about later. the reason we're intrigued by this, we'll end with your take on this, is that it seems to be a little bit reflection of what may be going wrong in some places in america. i'm not judging this family. they seem to be trying really hard at least on the parents' side but sense of entitlement with kids. is this the new bar of culture that we're seeing betrayed here. your thoughts. >> you know, i agree with you, chris. i've heard you talk about this a lot on "new day". this is a troubling trend. it rehinded me a little bit of the case where the kid didn't go jail in the dui case because he was raised not to understand his consequences. yes. exactly. great seeing you. >> mel, a great pleasure. you make better points. nobody surprised by that. it was a great competition. >> not true. the tortious thing was terrific. what do you think? kate?
5:26 am
>> coming up next on "new day" president obama unveils his budget for 2015. and with that republicans criticize it, they don't like it, they called it a campaign document including congressman paul ryan opinion he's going to be joining us to talk about that, and much more. many issues with the congressman coming up. also this -- we're all glued to our television screens when car chases are on. now the supreme court is take look at one pursuit that left two people dead. do officers deserve immunity or do they use too much force?
5:27 am
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welcome back, everyone. time now for the five things you need to know for your "new day". number one, secretary of state john kerry expected to meet with russia's foreign minister in two hours trying to finds a way to end this crisis in the ukraine. president obama is taking his push for a higher minimum wage to connecticut. we'll be joined by four regional governors as he pushes for a bump up to $10.10. >> day three of the oscar pistorius murder trial wrapped up. his legal team grilled a neighbor trying to show some witnesses have tailored their testimony to match up with others. house committee hearing today on the irs targeting scandal. the big question will the former irs official at the center of the investigation testify or will she take fifth? a newly discovered asteroid will pass close by the earth today. happening sometime after 4:00 p.m. expected to come closer to us
5:31 am
than the moon. but experts say it poses no threat. let's hope. we're always updating the five things you need to know for your day. wreckless and dangerous how supreme court justices described the motorist in this incredible dash cam video the high-speed chases ended in two deaths. family of the deceased driver sued the officers. >> reporter: good morning, chris. according to a recent study more than 300 people die every year in the u.s. as a result of police chases. so when should law enforcement be allowed to use deadly force to put a stop to high-speed pursuits. it's an issue the supreme court took up once again on tuesday. we've seen it many times. high-speed police pursuits taking a tragic turn. police dash cam video from 2004
5:32 am
shows how a simple traffic stop for a busted traffic light ends in death. donald ricker and his passenger lead them on a high-speed chase through two states. officers finally corner the honda but ricker backs up almost hitting one of the officers. police open fire, shooting into the car three times and then another 12 times as it speeds away. two minutes later honda crashes into the house. ricker and his passenger both drive. the family sudden claiming the officers used excessive force. >> there's a line you do not cross and deadly force is that line. >> reporter: the officers argue they have immunity with protecting the public in dangerous situations requiring split second decisions. >> they were reasonably in danger because it was up in the air what would occur next and certainly the public is in
5:33 am
danger any time somebody careens down the road at 100 miles per hour or more. >> reporter: the case made it to the highest court of the land. >> they are absolutely a use of force that must be measured against the fourth amendment reasonableness standard. >> reporter: and during oral arguments in court on tuesday every justice who spoke seem to support the arkansas overseas. precedent favors police. generally protecting them from civil liability in fast-moving situations like this. now this case give the justice a chance to revisit that decision testing the limits of police discretion and using deadly force. thanks so much. coming up next on "new day" what can you do with a nearly $4 trillion budget proposal? president says he's trying to narrow the income inequality gap but not everyone thinks this is the right way to do it.
5:34 am
we'll be joined by paul ryan to discuss that and much more. >> speaking of millions or billion, remember the couple that found those millions in buried rare coins. well now they get to keep them. it's a question turns out those coins have a story and maybe even an owner. we'll tell you about it next. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does.
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5:37 am
. look at all that gold. welcome back. new questions this morning about a stash of mystery gold rush era
5:38 am
coins. the coins date from the late 1800s are estimated to be worth $10 million. there are reports they were part of a u.s. mint theft over a century ago. we took a closer look. >> reporter: it may be the greatest buried treasure ever found in the united states. coin after coin, more than 1400. all of them pure gold. found by some lucky couple on their california property. estimated worth, $10 million. how did they find these coins? >> they were out walking their dog on their property like they had done for years, and they spied something metal and they went to investigate. they thought it was full of paint. >> reporter: the couple wants to remain anonymous but that hasn't stopped some people trying to figure out who they are and how the riches wound up on their property? the latest theory is that it's part of an early 20th century
5:39 am
heist at the san francisco mint. this newspaper article from 1901 makes reference to the sum of $30,000 in gold coin stolen from the vault of the cashier. the gold was never found. is this the long lost loot? if it is, could it also spell bad news for those who found it? yes, according to legal
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
now mcfadden is back in russia where she's competing in the sochi cross country nordic event. dr. sanjay gupta reporting. >> best of luck to her. clearly she's a champion already. coming up on "new day" president obama unveils his new budget, will it get through congress? congressman paul ryan will join us and will tell you why he's calling the budget a disappointment. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
5:43 am
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welcome back to "new day". president obama unveiled his 2015 budget proposal tuesday which includes tax breaks for working families and fax increases for wealthier americans. but it's a big document and there's a whole lot in it. the proposal is largely viewed as a wish list of democratic priorities ahead of the mid-term
5:46 am
elections. not surprisingly it's facing harsh criticism from republicans. joining me now paul ryan. congressman great to see you. >> good morning, kate, how are you? >> i want to get to the budget. first do i want to ask you about the news that's developing that we're following closely here this happening overseas. what's going on in ukraine. you had said in one interview, i believe it was maybe just yesterday or it was this week that this is what happens when we're looking at russia going into ukraine, this is what happens when the u.s. projects weakness abroad. then i want to ask you, senator lindsey graham, fellow republican he said he thinks this all started in benghazi. do you agree with senator graham? >> i don't know about that. the point i'm making -- first who is to blame for this, vladimir putin. the russians invaded the sovereignty of the ukraine.
5:47 am
my argument this russian reset has been a failure. we projected weakness with our defense budget. giving away missile defense was a big mistake. a lot of moves this administration has made in the area of foreign policy with respect to the russians, syria, missile defense, that i think has projected weakness. i think when you have the world superpower having a foreign policy that in my opinion is weak and a defense policy now that shows weakness, i think it invites aggression. i think that it create as vacuum that's filled by these types of actions. but let's be really clear. who is to blame for this? vladimir putin is to blame for this. the administration is making the proper responses. i just want to make sure we have follow through. we should do more to produce natural gas exports. we should be working on sanctions and loan guarantees. i'm glad john kerry went to kiev yesterday but i think where we are right now is a world where
5:48 am
they see a weak u.s. and this is not the time in my pinto be tying to reap a peace dividend with our military when we don't have peace in the world. >> when you say our foreign policy invites aggression, the president's supporters say back in 2008 when russia invade georgia that happened under george bush. >> that's what i'm saying. >> so how is this inviting aggression. >> that's my criticism of the reset. after georgia we had this reset relations with russia and gave away missile defense soon thereafter. i don't think the kind of responses we've made have been appropriate foreign policy responses and so let's put the onus on put unand russia for thain expansionism. let's not take the focus off of that. i do believe this russian policy this reset policy has bean total failure and i think we need to wise up to the fact it's been a failure and adjust our policy accordingly. >> seemed the reset is dead at
5:49 am
the moment to say the very least. what can congress do? the president, administration considering sanctions they can do without an act of congress. what can congress do realistically? >> i they we should move forward on natural gas exports very quickly. we should approve a terminal on the east coast. we should approve the keystone pipeline. we should show the u.s. is moving forward on becoming energy independent. >> moving forward with the keystone pipeline, that development would take years, those to actually make it happen. >> the signal that america is open for energy business and america will be helping our allies with energy resources so that they can be less dependent on russian energy resources. the signal is very important. showing this where we're moving. they are talking about loan guarantees as well. >> what tries do you think russia should pay for this type
5:50 am
of aggression? >> i think they should be ostracized in the world. they should not be rewarded for this. russia if they act in this aggressive way, violating this sovereignty of another country, should be stigmatized for this in the world. sanctions and other things we're talking about should be applied so they realize this is not a cost free exercise. we should also be talking to the baltics, the poles, a lot of countries that are very worried when they see this as a dangerous precedent. we need to bolster nato and talk to our other allies to make sure all that's being done does not spread. >> how do you think this will play out? do you envision this de-escalating? >> i won't try to speculate. i don't know how -- this is an unpredictable leader. the only thing you can predict is he's going to be aggressive and we need to take a serious
5:51 am
stance. i worry about europe's resolve and european issues when to have a concerted strategy going forward but i won't try to speculate this. >> it would be difficult. in guess you could say. do you fall into the camp as the former secretary of state madeline albright said to me yesterday vladimir putin is delusional? >> yeah. sure. i think he wants to restore what he believes is soviet greatness. i think he wants to expand his country's reach in that region. and try and reconnect, you know, former soviet states in some way or fashion to his regime. these are sovereign countries that are independent. that should be able to chart their own destinies. they want freedom, they want prosperity and more engaging with the west will help him do that. >> congressman let's take a hard left turn to talk about the budget and domestic policy. we could spend 20 minutes talking about this and i know you would love that. john boehner called it the most
5:52 am
irresponsible budget yet. you called it a campaign brochure. it's no surprise this budget proposal is not going to pass congress, especially in an election year. they rarely pass through congress. are there any areas in here that are different from last we're that you think you can agree on with democrats and the president? >> i haven't found any yet. this is a hard left turn. you mentioned this is an election year. this is more of a campaign brochure. he moved farther to the left of this budget. in past budget he put proposals that would narrow the difference between republicans and democrats work towards common ground. there's no illusions of that here. this is nothing but a big tax increase. massive increase in our debt. a budget that never balances. $1.8 trillion in new tax. he cuts the military greatly in my opinion not for deficit reduction but for more domestic spending. it just shows the priorities have moved farther to the left and the point i'm trying to make here we have three years left of
5:53 am
this administration and we have divided government. normally in a situation like that you would try to fine common ground, work forward common ground. he's moving away from that and tacked hard to the left. yes you could say that's because we're in an election year and that may be why. it's happening nevertheless. i don't know the reasons but he's moving to the left and it makes it hard to bridge to the gap. >> democrats will say they have tried to extend a hand and have not been reciprocated. >> we have a budget agreement. i want to see us build on that success. >> give me a preview of what the paul ryan budget will look like. in years past a lot of the saving have come from overhauling medicare and medicaid. are those proposals include in the paul ryan 2015 budget. >> those programs are going bankrupt and need to be restored, need to be solvent
5:54 am
believe these entitlement programs need to be restored so people can plan on them. we think we should balance the budget. that's the difference of opinion we have with the president. he propose never to balance the budget. we propose to balance the budget. we don't think we should keep taking taxes from hard-working americans. i want to get this deficit under control because we do not want to give the next generation a mountain of debt that they can't survive from. we'll give the next generation a diminished future if we don't watch it. we want to tackle these problems before they get out of control. that's what you'll see us produce in the budget committee. >> congressman, i know this is your favorite question. hearing you talk about ukraine and hear you talk about priorities in an election year makes me wonder is there any good reason why paul ryan should not be running for president in 2016? >> i'll get to that stuff later. >> where are you in your process. >> i'm keeping my options over. after this election, we're in the majority here i have responsibilities in the house of representatives. i'll focus on those
5:55 am
responsibilities and after this session then jenn and i will sit down and give a long hard look at this. i'll figure it out later. right now i have things to do. i have a job to do and focus on that. >> you got to get that big budget out. paul ryan always great to see you. come back often. kate we'll take a break. when we come back the latest that's unfolding around the crisis in ukraine. what will come out of the meeting today between secretary of state kerry and his russian counter part. looking for an answer to that question. ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ see the whole picture... ♪ process critical information, and put it in the hands of our defenders. reaching constantly evolving threats before they reach us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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5:58 am
time for the good stuff. in minnesota there's 45 public schools that will turn a student away from the lunch counter hungry if their account is empty. pull them out of the line or stamp their hand. one local man wasn't going stand for that any more.
5:59 am
>> a hungry mind is good but a hungry stomach and a hungry mind is bad. i sent my money in right away. something that upsets me so bad i couldn't sit back. >> not about being filthy rich, it's about caring. he start ad fund to pay for lurch for those students who can't. the best part it's all done through the cash register. if a kid's fund semiti it kicks in. dave is getting other members of the community to kick in. >> it says it takes a village to raise a child. this is a perfect situation. there's plenty of people around here that can help out and should help out. >> dave is right and that is the good stuff but it's the kind of good stuff we never want to bring you because dave is right about something else. in this country no school kid should ever go hungry. >> no school kid should suffer the stigma of other kids looking at him or her waiting in line to get food. >> that's the good stuff. unfortunate good stuff.
6:00 am
that's it for us. a lot of news happening. we're continuing to follow all the developments for that. and with that it's time for "newsroom" with jake tapper. >> "newsroom" starts right now. good morning and thanks for joining me for this special edition of cnn "newsroom". i'm in for carol costello as the crisis in the ukraine simmers millions more could feel the heat. russia is warning if sanctions are imposed against i want moscow could seize u.s. and european asset there's. that could be a big hit to investors around the world. the european union says if russia shows no signs of backing down ukraine those sanctions will be discussed tomorrow when eu leaders meet. this morning glimmers of diplomacy, secretary of state john kerry takes part in one of two r